Avengers: Infinity War – 15 Mind-Blowing Rumors Confirmed To Be True

This is it — the big one, the granddaddy of them all. After a decade of post-credit scenes, cameos, sequels, and character quips, Avengers: Infinity War is just a few short weeks away and anticipation has built to an all-time high.

Just a week after announcing that the release date of Avengers: Infinity War had been moved up one week from May 4 to April 27, Marvel Studios released the second and final full trailer for the highly-anticipated Marvel Cinematic Universe milestone, and boy is it a doozy.

The Guardians of the Galaxy show up, Captain America makes his return, the Hulkbuster Armor is back for another fight — so far, Marvel has checked off all the boxes.

However, despite the fact that the release of the movie is a little over a month away, a lot remains unclear about the plot of Avengers: Infinity War, meaning fan speculation about rumors continue to run rampant on the internet.

Will Captain Marvel appear? Will Steve Rodgers die? Will everyone die? These are all questions that have been asked on the internet during the build-up to this movie.


avengers infinity wars steve rodgers captain america

This is the big one. Floating around the internet for years, rumor has it that Captain America’s death will be the major consequence of Infinity War.

With Bucky Barnes, aka The Winter Soldier, joining the good guys in Avengers: Infinity War, fans have speculated that he will be the one who takes up the Captain America mantle.

Now, while Sebastian Stan is no slouch, it’s hard to imagine Marvel Studios replacing Chris Evans with Stan. Outside of Captain America: Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War, his most notable parts are supporting roles in The Martian and I, Tonya.

Nothing against Sebastian Stan, but like most guys, he’s a major step down from Chris Evans.


avengers infinity wars the black order as the children of thanos

Avengers: Infinity War will mark the debut of The Black Order, otherwise known as The Children of Thanos.

In the comic books, the Black Order is the merciless aliens that work for Thanos, assisting him in his quest to dominate the universe.

Similar to Steppenwolf’s (and, eventually, Darkseid’s) Parademons in Justice League, the Black Order are the minions who carry out Thanos’ orders and fight all the battles.

Featured prominently in the Wakanda battle that is shown in the trailer, we expect the presence of “The Children of Thanos” to be felt throughout the course of both parts of Infinity War. 

However, that said, we also expect a lot of Children of Thanos to die over the course of the two movies.


avengers infinity wars two avengers team fighting each other

One of the more ridiculous rumors out there is that the consequences of Captain America: Civil War will cause there to be two separate Avengers teams by the time Avengers: Infinity War rolls around.

Now, while the trailers have yet to show all of the heroes together in one frame, that’s likely because they’re saving what should be an epic money shot of the team together for the first time for the movie.

Given that Marvel Studios have been building to this movie for a decade, it would be a strange move for them to split up the heroes during the movie that’s supposed to bring them all together.

While the trailers have yet to see the like of Iron Man and Captain America together, that’s likely just an anticipation-building tactic.


avengers infinity wars nick fury aka SAMUEL L. JACKSON

It’s been some time since we saw Samuel L. Jackson don the all-black leather of Nick Fury — his last appearance was in Avengers: Age of Ultron — so we can’t think of a more fitting time for him to make his return than during Avengers: Infinity War.

As the “glue guy” that every successful team needs, it was Nick Fury who got the whole team together, so it should be Nick Fury who is there when some of them (assumedly) die.

However, with that said, Nick Fury presents himself as somewhat of a sacrificial character as the Marvel Cinematic Universe transitions into its next phase — while his death would have an emotional impact on the audience, it would have little impact on the plot.

No matter what happens to Fury, though, we’re sure he’ll go down with a fight.


avengers infinity wars the black order as the children of thanos

One of Thanos’s most notorious characteristics is that he’s is madly love with Lady Death. In the comics, the reason why Thanos acquires the Infinity Gauntlet and begins to take over the universe is to impress Lady Death.

According to some theories, Blanchett’s Hela — who made her debut appearance not too long ago in Thor: Ragnarok — will be the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s version of Lady Death.

That said, we hope Marvel avoids this route, as we think having Thanos’ main motivation being to impress a moment would oversimplify the universe’s big bad guy. Hopefully, Thanos’ motivations are a little more complex than trying to impress his intergalactic crush.


guardians of galaxy in avengers infinity war

Confirmed by the first trailer for the Avengers: Infinity War, we now officially know that the Guardians of the Galaxy show up — the only question remaining is when and how.

The obvious choice is sometime in the third act  — when the Avengers are on the ropes and are in desperate need of assistance — arriving as back-up to the Avengers for their ultimate battle.

The Guardians of the Galaxy meeting the Avengers for the first time is one of the moments that fans have been anticipating the most, so expect Marvel Studios to make sure that the moment the Guardians do finally appear is a crucial one.


X-MEN in avengers infinity war

While a deal is in place for Disney to acquire 21st Century Fox — and therefore, Marvel Studios acquiring the rights to X-Men characters — nothing is official yet.

This means that there’s no way that Marvel Studios had the time to work the X-Men into Avengers: Infinity War. Also, even if they did have the time to write in the X-Men, we sure hope they didn’t, as the final result would have likely been a disaster.

If and when the X-Men do finally join forces with the Avengers, it is going to be one of the most iconic moments the Marvel Cinematic Universe ever has to offer, so it would be foolish of them to try and force it into either parts of Infinity War for the sake of including them.


loki in avengers infinity wars

At this point in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, if Thor is appearing in the movie, then so is Loki. Routinely deployed in “buddy cop movie” situations, it’s rare that Thor makes an appearance in the MCU without his mischievous brother.

Still considered as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most entertaining villain, Loki also seems like another likely character to meet his demise, as sacrificing himself would truly make him a hero for the first time. Besides, it’s hard to imagine Marvel sending him and Thor on another good cop, bad cop adventure again.

While the trailer gave the audience a quick glimpse at Loki (who looks to be in some distress), it’s still unclear at this time what his role will be in the plot of the movie.


thanos in avengers infinity war

We’re holding out hope for this one, as its likely that the “big battle” against Thanos doesn’t come until the second part of Avengers: Infinity War.

While Thanos will certainly be confronted and encountered over the course of the first movie, it’s unlikely that we’ll see all the heroes unite to take him on until the final act of the second movie.

The newest trailer for Avengers: Infinity War does show some sort of big battle, but  it appears to be against the Children of Thanos instead of the big bad Thanos himself.


spiderman wear spider iron suit made my iron man in avengers infinity war

Another moment confirmed by the epic first trailer, Tom Holland’s Peter Parker will finally be donning the Iron Spider suit that Tony Stark offered him at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Seeing Spider-Man in the Iron Spider suit is one of the first things fans thought of when Marvel Studios reacquired the rights to the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, it’s good to see that Marvel is fulfilling that dream sooner rather than later.

Given that Peter Parker and company will being going against the most powerful being in the universe, it’s a good thing his suit will be made out of something a little more protective then cloth.


bucky barnes wear captain america suit in avengers infinity war
winter soldier avengers infinity war Best of what winter soldier may look like as captain america in infinity

Its hard to imagine Marvel Studios replacing Chris Evan’s Captain America with an actor who’s best known for playing, well, Captain America’s villain.

Ideally — outside of Chris Evans signing another massive contract and staying on as Captain America — we’d like to see Marvel Studios sit on the roll for a little bit and reboot it down the road.

Considering that Marvel Studios want to continue making movies for decades, there is always going to be a market for Captain America movies.

If Marvel Studios were smart (which we know they clearly are), they’d give Chris Evans’ Captain American an epic sendoff in the second part of Infinity War and reboot the now-iconic character a couple of years down the road.


corvus glaive in avengers infinity war

Yet to be introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (until the newly released second trailer for Avengers: Infinity War, that is), Corvus Glaive is an unknown entity to the average MCU fan.

In the comics, Corvus Glaive prominent member of the Black Order– a team of aliens who work for the titan Thanos. Described as Thanos’ favorite servant, Corvus is known to be cruel, arrogant and the most loyal member of the Black Order.

He is a warrior who betrayed his people and sold his soul to Thanos in order to pursue a different kind of glory.

One of the main rumors floating around the internet is that it will be Corvus Glaive who actually tears the Mind Stone out of Vision’s head. Only time will tell what role Glaive will have.


FANTASTIC FOUR bought avengers tower

While the appearance of the Fantastic Four in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is now a matter of “when” and not “if,” we’d like to hope that their introduction into the universe is something a little more meaningful then a New York City real estate acquisition.

Similar to our opinion of the introduction of the X-Men, if and when the Fantastic Four do finally join the superhero party that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we’d expect it to come at a crucial, memorable, movie-stealing moment.

The Fantastic Four are one of the most iconic comic book characters of all-time, so when they do finally show up, let’s hope it’s done right.


captain marvel in avengers infinity war

Following the release of the official trailer for Avengers: Infinity War, the internet sleuths and fanboys went bananas over one frame in particular where it could be argued that none other than Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel was hidden in the background.

Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel, aka Carol Danvers, is one of the most highly anticipated Marvel Cinematic Universe character debuts to date.

Rumored to be one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, her arrival may end up being a key component in the Avengers being able to defeat — or at least fend off — Thanos and his powerful Children of Thanos army.


INFINITY GAUNTLET in avengers infinity war

Rumored to be one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, her arrival may end up being a key component in the Avengers being able to defeat — or at least fend off — Thanos and his powerful Children of Thanos army.

Given that we already know there is going to be the second part of Infinity War, it seems unlikely that Thanos completes his goal of acquiring all of the Infinity Stones to complete the Infinity Gauntlet in in the first of a two-part movie.

Ever since the inception of the Marvel Cinematic Universe back in 2008, Thanos assembling the Infinity Gauntlet has been the biggest threat facing the entire universe, as his completion of the Infinity Gauntlet would like mean the end times for our heroes and the world they protect.

All that said, if Thanos doesn’t actually complete the Infinity Gauntlet by the end of the first movie, we’re sure he’ll end up being pretty damn close. For the sake of the Avengers, let’s hope his completion of the gauntlet takes as long as possible.

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