Boiled Egg Baffles Dog & She Launches Hysterical Attack To Conquer It.

There’s nothing more entertaining than watching a dog react to something new, whether it’s a new treat or a toy. But that is what has this dog completely and utterly confused: His new gift smells like something he should eat, but it moves like a ball.

There comes a time in every dog’s life when they need to be introduced to their first egg, preferably one that’s been hard boiled first. For Hope the Basenji, the breed AKC describes as a “sweet-faced hunter of intelligence and poise,” that time came one day back in 2013.

But whatever intelligence and poise she normally possesses…


Crumbles in the face of one of these.

hard boiled egg

Under different circumstances, their first meet-and-greet probably would’ve gone off without a hitch. Hope, who prides herself on being a good host, even tried to engage her new friend in some play time while her parents made dinner.

dog play bow

Hope’s hostess skills may be unmatched, but this egg proved to be a most unpolished guest. Eggs-traordinarily stubborn, even. He rebuffed Hope’s offer to play and went off on his own to roll around the room instead. Either the floor’s extremely uneven or Hope’s owner has mastered the art of telekinesis, but just watching that little circular expedition left Hope’s head spinning.


Is her new egg friend playing hard to get? Or did he change his mind and wants to play after all? Poor Hope is so confused. But let’s be fair here, maybe the egg was just as confused and was just trying to stay out of that dog’s way to avoid getting crushed.

dog egg comment2

About a minute into this “playdate,” Hope manages to get her paws on this shady character, but he easily wrests his way out of her grasp and moseys on in to the kitchen.

What’s Hope doing here? Is she trying to get him to dance now?


You’ll have to watch to the very last to see how it all ends, but here’s a hint: There will not be a second date. Share to spread more laughs!

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