Curious Young Buck Finds Hunter In Woods & Strikes Up Cutest Friendship.

Deer and hunters are just about as likely to be friends as Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner… it doesn’t happen. But try and tell that to this friendly young buck.

In the video below, a turkey hunter is just minding his own business in the woods when a bold deer wanders over. Now, typically, deer are pretty timid around people, but whether he saw the decoy turkey at the hunter’s feet, just thought the man smelled good, or knew he was on his turf, one thing was for sure…

The buck was there with one goal: to find a new best friend.

hunter petting deer

The hunter taking the video can be heard whispering “what are you doing?” as the deer brazenly walks up and asks for neck scratches. He moves onto the turkey decoy and starts licking it because when it comes to finding friends, you’ve got to meet everyone to find your bestie!

deer turkey decoy

At this point, it’s apparent that the hunter is off his turkey game… not that anyone could blame him! He’s getting a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make a new, dear, deer friend — pun intended. Naturally, he turns the camera around so he can get a selfie. Classic best friend move.

deer and hunter

At one point, another deer appears in the video but keeps her distance. She’s probably wondering what her crazy buddy is up to.

All jokes aside, though, whether this encounter is a deer survival tactic — make friends with the enemy so they can’t hurt you — or it’s truly a blossoming friendship can’t exactly be determined here (but, we certainly hope it’s the latter). Whatever the case, we’re definitely jealous of this lucky hunter who got to experience the majesty of a wild animal up close and personal!

deer nose

Summer blockbusters are canceled, this is the only buddy-comedy anyone needs to see this year. Watch below and don’t forget to share with an animal lover in your life!

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