Dramatic Dog Accidentally Hits Mom’s Face & Melts Into Most Heartfelt Apology Ever.

It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt…

We’ve all taken things a little too far or accidentally hit or kicked somebody while play fighting, so we can all empathize with poor Bertha. This Bernese Mountain Dog/St. Bernard mix, who her Danish owner describes as 60% brat, 40% good girl and 100% weirdo, got a little carried away during a wrestling match earlier this year, and she couldn’t possibly feel worse.

The thing about giant breeds like Bertha is they get used to wrestling with their humans when they’re this size…

bertha as puppy

and often think they’re still that size even after several years have passed and they do what growing puppies do. Here’s an idea of how big she is now:

bertha and owner

See the problem we have here? If she stretched out, she could easily touch either end of the couch. And don’t you just want to reach out and give that fuzzy belly a good ol’ rubdown?

bertha on couch

Now that we have a better idea of Big Bertha’s size, let’s get back to that wrestling match.

We don’t know the exact circumstances behind this little faux paw, but she somehow managed to give her mom a big, red shiner.


She can’t speak, obviously, but actions, as they say, speak louder than words.

Gahhhhhhh! I’m sooooooooooo sorry!


If she could, she’d dig a hole in that couch and crawl inside, but what does she look like, a Chihuahua? So she does the next best thing and begs for forgiveness, raising up her giant paws as if bowing down in contrition and mumbling miserably. She even took to Instagram and went public, hoping her followers would plead for mercy on her behalf:

bertha insta comment

“Awwww forgive him!!” one person urged after seeing Bertha’s pitiful display.

Another took a more philosophical approach, but read between the lines and he/she essentially said the same thing: “Animals, both pet and wild, convey a lot; only thing we have to have is the ability and attitude to read them.”

Poor Bertha. Thankfully, Mom either found it in her heart to forgive and forget or took those comments to heart, because here they are a couple months later on Mother’s Day. There’s no way Mom would get that close if she thought she’d get clocked again.

bertha gets kiss

Watch Bertha’s over-the-top show of remorse in the video below and share!

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