Scared Ducklings Take Adorable Leap Of Faith.

Everyone knows you don’t jump off a bridge just because all your friends are doing it. But when your entire life depends on Mom… and she jumps? You go.

The video below went viral for no other reason than it’s just absolutely adorable! In it, a mother duck is hanging out on the lawn with her babies and apparently decides she needs a change of scenery. So she waddles across a nearby bridge and the little ones gamely follow along. They’re too young and insecure to look after themselves, after all, so it’s not like they really have a choice.

mama duck and babies

Her entire brood pulls to a stop behind her as she stands there at the edge, gazing down at the muddy water below, maybe scanning for water moccasins or a pair of gator eyes. We don’t know where this video was taken, but this mama knows you always look before you leap and hopes her babies are paying attention.

Then, with a giant flap of her wings, she jumps!

mama duck jumps

But the kiddos aren’t too sure about this. What does she think they are, BASE jumpers?


They inch closer to the edge and cautiously peer over, probably thinking they’ve just been orphaned. But there she is, all in one piece, and she’s calling up to them to come join her.

C’mon in! The water’s great!

ducklings looking down at mom

But they continue to stand there for a good ten seconds, clearly aghast at what she’s asking them to do. Finally, the bravest of the ducklings gathers her courage, takes a deep breath, and down she goes, followed in quick succession by two more brave souls…


If you’re old enough to remember the first time you jumped off a diving board, you know exactly how much courage it took for these ducklings to take the plunge, and how proud they must’ve felt afterward.

Watch this collective leap of faith in the clip below, and share if you agree this is a perfect example of facing your fears head on!

“If your mom jumps off a bridge, would you?”

Posted by Breathing for Peace on Saturday, May 13, 2017

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